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Current Opportunities:

Full Time & Part Time Medical Office Receptionists

Full Time Medical Billing Clerks


Ravines Medical Group

 The principals of the Ravines Medical Group have been providing healthcare services and solutions for over 50 years in Atlantic Canada.  Medical centres and pharmacies make up our patient access points across Nova Scotia.  We are committed to developing and delivering innovative community based health care solutions to meet the needs of our patients.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to create collaborative clinics where physicians can work together and with allied healthcare providers for common patient goals.  The Ravines Medical Group takes care of the business and administration needs for the physicians so that they are free to focus on patient care.  Our commitment to patient centric services motivates the entire medical team to aspire to comprehensive services promoting the health and well-being of each and every patient. Patient dignity, health and wellness are our passion.

Your Practice

The physician is in full control of their appointment parameters and we can accommodate a variety of scheduling types.  We have the ability to tailor to each physician’s unique needs; our model allows for the physician to set the appointment schedule to their preference which allows for the flexibility to have outside assignments (ie: Hospitalist, Nursing Homes).  We believe that this allows physicians the ability to maximize their scope of practice and expand their skill sets. 


Eliminating the Business of Medicine

for Physicians


We provide many services including but not limited to:

  • Hiring and management of reception staff

  • Assistance with applying for College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia licencing, registration with Provincial and Third Party Billing entities, Prescription Monitoring Program and all laboratories

  • Training and support for specimen and laboratory requisitions

  • All Billing administration for all MSI and uninsured services

  • Creation of  financial reports for optimization of billing 

  • Ordering of medical supplies and high end medical equipment

  • Ordering Vaccines and monitoring of the cold chain for vaccine integrity

  • Having experienced reception staff optimizing the schedule to the doctor’s preference and benefit

  • Equipping each clinic with the hardware and software to maximize the EMR

  • Arranging locum coverage for vacations and sick time

  • Providing support to host Family Practice Residents

  • Peer mentoring for first time physicians


Overhead Model

• Two year renewable contract

• Competitive split, with scaling incentives based on yearly billings thresholds

• Potential Retention Incentives

• Orientation and ongoing billing coaching to optimize your billings

   (including charting requirements)

• Billing Administration does all MSI, third party and uninsured services billing

• Financial reporting to doctors’ monthly. Comp stats available for monthly snap shot of your practice

• Billing consultant updates EMR billing bundles and provides monthly newsletters for billing tips and tricks

• You are not responsible to pay overhead for the days you are not in the clinic or in the event you become disabled or sick

• The model remains the same whether the physician is on a Fee for Service or an

Alternative Payment Plan. 


Accessibility is important to us so each of our locations is located on bus routes. The Ravines Medical Group medical centres are located within 20 minutes from all major hospitals including the IWK Health Centre, the QEII Health Sciences Centre and the Dartmouth General Hospital. These centres offer leading edge research, surgery, emergency response services and treatment in Atlantic Canada. We are also in close proximity to smaller specialty clinics and hospitals within the Capitol Health network (i.e. the Cobequid Community Health Centre). We are located within 30 minutes of an international airport.

To learn more about our exciting opportunities please contact:


Katherine Clarke

Director of Clinic Operations

Serving Spryfield, Elmsdale and Bedford in the HRM
Serving Spryfield, Elmsdale and Bedford in the HRM
Serving Spryfield, Elmsdale and Bedford in the HRM
Serving Spryfield, Elmsdale and Bedford in the HRM
Serving Spryfield, Elmsdale and Bedford in the HRM
Serving Spryfield, Elmsdale and Bedford in the HRM
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